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gross and disturbing people

some weirdo who lives across from me smirked at me this morning and said, “you look cute with clothes on”??? WHAT THE SHIT

this makes me question all the times i have gotten changed while being too lazy to close the blinds just because there was no one walking by


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Human Faces Frozen of Stainless Steel by Tsang Cheung Shing

Tsang plays with the idea of reality by infusing his works with an unconventional imagination. The artist’s metallic and ceramic structures often feature a cooperation between inanimate objects and human beings. He emulates the unpredictable splashes of liquid in his solid sculptures, drawing the attention of an audience with its fluid and off-balance appearance. In his Yuanyang and Splash of Wonder series, Tsang even adds the bonus image of a human face peeking through the pouring liquid.

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it’s very important to appreciate the little things. small matters accumulate into hope, and they will be the tipping point between selfdestruction and hanging on.

when i think of the future, i feel like having a panic attack. every day that passes makes my chest constrict tighter and tighter. something needs to change and i think it’s my mindset.

things i need to work on

  •  not looking after myself: i always put others first, not because i am kind but because i don’t value myself enough.
  •  feeling helpless: “i am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul.” every small action i take makes a difference, i need to remember that.
  •  patience : lay every brick perfectly everyday, you will look up someday and have a wall. but you need to persevere, and believe that the things you do will one day pay off.
  •  believing: i don’t have enough faith in certainty of anything, especially myself. i’m living just to dream in empty verses. but this comes full circle to building and valuing myself.

work hard at everything you do, every day. don’t let others’ laziness rub off on you, have faith in the path you have chosen but don’t ignore the warning signs, use them to shape your journey.

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every day putting on my makeup

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"Her and Lost In Translation are connected to each other. They’re very much on the same wavelength. They explore a lot of the same ideas. This all makes sense since Spike Jonze and Sofia Coppola were married from 1999 to 2003 and had been together for many years before that. Sofia Coppola had already made her big personal statement in regards to love and marriage right when the couple was on the verge of divorce; Her would be Spike Jonze’s answer to those feelings. What makes it even more poignant is that Her never feels resentful or petty. It feels more like a legitimate apology. It’s an acknowledgement that, in the end, some people aren’t meant to be with each other in the long run. Some people do grow apart. Lost in Translation is about a couple on the verge of growing apart, Her is about finally letting go of the person you’ve grown apart with and moving on.”

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so many people need to take this into account…


so many people need to take this into account…

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but i like to wander drunkenly downtown lookin at buildings

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how do i not dress like an asshole at a hawaiian themed party

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I am going to spend my birthday sad and alone and it will be no one’s fault but my own.

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